About Us

We have years of experience in the uniform business, allowing us to create a strong foundation of reliable suppliers and keep up with an ever-changing marketplace to meet demand.

Since we were established in 1981, M.C.S. Stores have worked hard to provide high-quality uniforms and related products with excellent customer service and competitive prices. We are involved from the design stage all the way through to distribution and after care, helping us provide consistently high-quality clothing at exceptional value.

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest merchandise and selling it on at competitive rates so that all our customers can find the uniforms and clothing they need at affordable prices. But it was not always this way – our business was founded out of a real need for affordable uniforms, which is why we say that:

“The tears of a mother became the pearls of our business”

In the 1980s, the School wear industry was not as affordable and accessible as it is now. When our founder, was approached by a mother in his fashion store who wept as she explained how she was unable to afford a school uniform for her child, he knew something had to be done.

He went directly to the school, struck a deal and started to produce uniforms for the school at a price that parents could afford. He then established M.C.S. Stores, starting with the one store in Didsbury, Manchester adding a second store in Ashton-under-Lyne years later, offering products direct to the schools and selling them online.

Years later, M.C.S. Stores is a thriving, family run business and a leading supplier of School, Sports and Workwear across the Northwest and further afield. Aside from that MCS has worked with the likes of ITV and Netflix to create bespoke costumes for their cast in short timeframes. By supplying quality uniforms at competitive prices direct to schools, or directly to the customer in-store and online, we are able to stand apart from the competition and help our customers get the uniforms they need.